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The healing power of sensory stimulation

Custom-Made Sensory Rooms for All Ages

We create calming and relaxing sensory rooms that can benefit people of all ages. Our rooms feature a variety of sensory elements, such as bubble tubes, fiber optic lighting, projectors, and interactive wall panels.

We also custom make safety wall and floor padding, as well as padded relaxation benches. We can create a sensory room to suit any budget and individual needs.

Sensory rooms can be a valuable resource for people of all ages and abilities. They can provide a safe and supportive space to relax, de-stress, learn and grow, and improve focus and concentration.

‘He was the most relaxed we’d ever seen him outside of home’

Inside the Amber Springs Hotel’s autism-friendly sensory playroom

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What Our Clients Say

The power of sensory stimulation in their own words

In no uncertain terms they told me what we needed & I listened ( I christened them the #dadswhoknow )
Patrick Doyle
Father of 4
Sean came down himself to hand make all the fibre optic works & tweak and improve, Mark was on the phone to me constantly, they just wanted it to be perfect
Eibhear Coyle
General Manager at Amber Springs Hotel
We got something very special, an inclusive, sensory haven
Niamh Hearne

Calming and relaxation

Sensory rooms are designed to be calming and relaxing environments. They often feature soft lighting, soothing music, and comfortable seating. This can help people to reduce stress, anxiety, and agitation.

Increased Self Awareness

Improved focus
and concentration

Sensory rooms can also help people to improve their focus and concentration. The controlled environment can help people to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand.

Improved Focus and Concentration

Increasing self-awareness

Sensory rooms can help people to become more aware of their own sensory needs and preferences. This can be helpful for people with sensory processing disorders or other conditions that affect their ability to process sensory information.

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Custom Art For Every Sensory Room

Housing Adaptation Grants for Older People and People with a Disability

Requirements for the grant

The person who the grant is for must:

  • Have the grant application approved before the work starts on the home.
  • Live in the home when the work is completed.
  • Have their tax affairs in order.
  • Have tax clearance from Revenue if the grant is for more than €10,000.
  • Show that the Local Property Tax for the home is in order.

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“A place to feel Calm, Safe, and in Control”

Tina Riordan Assistant Principal – Benincasa Special School

Benincasa Special School caters for children presenting with severe emotional dysregulation, who are unable to cope with the demands of a mainstream school setting. Our pupils require and deserve so much more than they get in terms of funding and resources, which can be very dispiriting for both pupils and staff alike at times. However, following a successful application for an external grant to fund a number of wellbeing initiatives in the school, we had the extremely good fortune of coming across Zen Sensory.

As the teacher, who had been tasked with overseeing the revamp of our existing ’Sensory Room’, which was unquestionably no longer fit for purpose, I met with a number of companies to discuss what we wanted, followed by the dreaded budget conversation! It was a daunting task to say the least, as I had high expectations for this project and was wholeheartedly committed to doing right by our pupils. However, I soon came to realise that the level of passion, energy and enthusiasm I had for the project was not synonymous with how others felt about it! That was until I met Sean from Zen Sensory.

To say that this man is in a league of his own is an understatement. He went above and beyond with the help of his highly skilled team to create the most magical and tasteful custom-made Sensory Room imaginable.

Custom Sensory Rooms

In addition to being reliable and decent guys, the Zen Sensory team is also a one stop shop. Nothing was a problem, as the lads could do everything from electrics to carpentry to painting and decorating, which made the whole project so much easier. Their attention to detail was impeccable and so many of the finishing touches such as the fluorescent lighting, the Nick Munier painting, the bean bag cover and the oils for the diffuser clearly indicated that I had found the best people for the job. I would actually even go so far as to say that in the end I felt this project mattered just as much, if not even more to Sean and his team than it did to me.

The transformation of this room was quite simply breathtaking and best summed up by one of our older pupils, when he said with eyes on stalks upon seeing the room for the first time: ‘Wow, ‘It’s a real Sensory Room now!’ Believe me when I say that this is high praise indeed coming from a child who doesn’t often have anything positive to say.

Zen Sensory completely delivered for Benincasa Special School, value for money included.  We cannot recommend Sean and his team highly enough and on behalf of everyone at Benincasa, I would like to extend our most sincere thanks to Sean and Darren for creating this magical and tranquil space for our pupils, which has surpassed expectations and them some!

Tina Riordan (Assistant Principal)– Benincasa Special School

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The calming power of sensory stimulation

“Feel the world around you.”